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A thought on worldcrafting and personal morals
Published on April 23, 2009 By drakonfire In Books

So, I want to write a book.

Not just a story, but an actual book. I don't know if I want it to get published or not, somehow I doubt it will. But I'm not one to do anything by halves, and this isn't my first excursion into writing (Follow the link if you want to see my other works, Trooper is my favorite). However, my previous works have evolved from simple scene descriptions, or RP character profiles. I want this one too be different, I want this to be a well thought out world, with a purposeful sequence of events taking place which creates a story that I can be proud of.

Well, I've been crafting a world, and I've settled on some basic principles, one of which being that it runs mostly off of steam. Yeah thats right, I'm going with a Steampunk style, but this is distinctly not victorian steampunk ala Steamboy or your standard Steampunk google search. There exists a distinct flavor of Deus Ex Machine to this steampunkian world I have created, but I am okay with that, I really like it thus far. Some advanced tech is beginning to come into its own, but Steam is just so much easier in this world, unfortunately it has, err, side effects.

Anyway, the world is divided into roughly three factions, a group that lives on flying Citadels, the Sky Kingdom they are called, and they have life the best.

Below them is the Surface Dwellers, and as their name implies, they live on the surface of the planet, amidst the aformentioned 'side effect.' They definitely have living conditions the worst off, and there is a general feeling of bitterness toward the Sky Kingdoms, but there isn't much they can do about the situation.

Below the Surface is the Underground, and they are the total antithesis to the Sky Kingdoms, and have found a way to live without the steam power the others rely on. They are also working toward removal the 'side effect'

All in all, its a fairly self-sustaining world.

But what about Magic? Magic is the foundation of fantasy novels, and steampunk is undoubtedly a sub-genre of fantasy, with a health dose of sci-fi mixed in. I am also a big fan of the way that Warhammer40K integrated a magic system into their world, though it isn't explained well enough for my tastes, but to each their own. I also love the Caster weapons from the anime Outlaw Star, undoubtedly a sci-fi anime, but with a pretty healthy dose of magic mixed in (caster weapons, Tao masters, etc). The problem with intregrating magic into my world is not so much coming up with a system (I've already done that) but with a justification.

You see, I am also a Christian, and one who believes that magic is inherently evil (whether it is used for 'good' or not). So I had a conversation with myself about justifying the use of magic in a world I'm creating. Tolkein used it, so did Lewis for that matter. I came to the conclusion that since my world is not our world, and God is not YHWH but rather Deity. Christianity isn't so much present in this world, more of its moral and social justic systems. So I'm okay with using magic in my world, I think.


on Apr 25, 2009

Magic is the spice of fiction.


Many series have been able to survive disasters *coughShadowrunfor360coughGeorgeLucaswritingcough* by pure merit of their universe being so darn interesting. Just be sure to make it something interesting

Being a Christian too, I believe that there is no wrong with magic in fiction, so long as it does not claim any connection to reality. You can define it yourself. For instance, make like D&D and make it the result of outside entities for divine magic, and define arcane as being a sort of fourth dimension (or fifth, since technically time is considered a fourth dimension in some points of view).

on Apr 26, 2009

I would agree that a strong world is needed, thats been the 'dying force' behind a lot of my stories, the world just became uninteresting. One of the reason's I am excited about this world is because as I develop more and more aspects of it I keep thinking of all the exciting stories I could tell using other characters in order to explore that facet of the world. I hope someday to actually follow through on it.

For now though everything is on hold as I prepare to end school. (FINALLY!)